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Boosts Awareness –

In the good old days, when there was no internet. Awareness was only restricted to hoardings, newspaper & television ads because the audience was found travelling, reading the newspaper or watching TV. 

But now the audience is found on the PHONE spending so much time on the internet. This is the reason why the internet should be your main target for AWARENESS. 

Be it young or old, everyone is spending an average of 5 hours per day on social media. This is the place you should market your products strategically. 

“Be Found To Those Who Are Looking For You”

Branding & Relationship Building –

Once you start being active on social media and start posting about your brand like – your brand history, brand message and benefits of the product. You slowly start building a relationship with your audience, they begin to trust you, engage with you. They might not become your customer immediately but they will surely remember you whenever they will feel a need for the product you are offering.

A well-planned social media plan can help you shape your brand. 

Increased Recall Value –

Recall means remembrance, how easily your audience can remember your name.  So like I said before When you consistently post, run ads and connect people. 

They will remember you more than your competitor. Digital Marketing Strategies like Email Marketing is one of the easiest yet the most effective ways to increase brand recall value. 

Tracking –

Digital Marketing lets you track everything – Website visitors, Ad Clicks, Post Reach, Engagements and more. You can easily track results and decide what is working and what’s not and plan the next campaign accordingly.

Remarketing –

How many times have you added the product to the cart and left the website? And saw the same product’s Ad on social media?                 Quite a few times right?

Tracking the visitors and remarketing them on social media at the right time results in a good conversion rate.

Lead Generation –

You can make your website an effective yet affordable Lead Generation tool just by making the right content on social media.

Driving traffic from social media to the website and finally getting the form filled by your potential customer is a win. It can all be done easily by practising the right strategies.

More Sales –

When you spread awareness digitally, start connecting with your audience, track results, remarket them and collect leads. 

At the end of the buyer’s journey, Your lead will become your potential buyer.

And how do you retain this potential buyer? With offers, discounts  & referral programs.

So this was it, Hope this blog was convincing enough to push you towards the Digital Era.

Your brand can have even more reasons to go Digital, Know all of them!

Let’s Connect, book a FREE Consultation below.  I’d Love to Help You!

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