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Let’s understand the metrics used by Facebook
to show relevant ads

What steps do you follow while creating your Facebook account?

You put your general information and then you hit the button which says –
“I Agree” to Terms and conditions, data policy and cookie use policy.
These terms and conditions are actually an 14000-word document which no one ever reads and they clearly have mentioned, how they are going to use your data.
Facebook knows what we are doing, what we are searching and a lot more things.

Facebook uses 3 kinds of metrics –
• Demographics
• Interests
• Behaviours

Demographics –

Demographics is the most reliable targeting option as this information is
“User given”, Information like Age, Gender, Education, Relationship, Work are given by users and are used by Facebook advertisers for their advantage.

Interests –

Interest is a user interpreted information, Suppose I like dogs and I watch content related to dogs on my Facebook or I have liked pages related to the same.
There is a high possibility that I will get to see an ad related to
“Dog Food” or “Dog Training Center”

So this is how the interest option works.

Behaviours –

Behaviours is something which is recorded by Facebook and the user doesn’t even get to know.
Things such as birthdays, anniversaries, mobile devices come under the “Behaviours” section

Let’s suppose I am an event planner and I want to show my ad to people who have their birthday or anniversary in next 15 days or 30 days, I can do that with Facebook’s Behaviours Option.

So this was it, guys! Thank you for reading this article on Facebook ads.
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